Who We Are

Hope for Cameroon (HfC) is an international apolitical non-profit organization registered in Montreal, Canada, and Douala, Cameroon, dedicated to empowering marginalized populations, including internally displaced communities, with a focus on women, youth, and children. Through our initiatives, we provide access to quality transformational educational opportunities, community development and entrepreneurial training programs, and essential resources to foster positive change and sustainable development in our communities

Our core mission is to sustainably uplift and support marginalized communities, especially those displaced by conflict. By championing quality transformational education and fostering entrepreneurial growth, we pave the way for self-reliance and cultivate leaders who make a difference. All our endeavors are rooted in the principles of sustainable development, ensuring a brighter, more balanced future for all.
We envision a world where even the most marginalized women, youth, and children are equipped with the skills and resources that will enable them to shape their own destinies, emerging as empowered and respected contributors to their communities.

Our Core Values

We foster a conducive work environment based on ethical values of honesty and trust. We recognize the need for our work to reflect and promote respect for all persons, which is why each member’s contribution is valued in our decision-making process from our internal team, to stakeholders, and the beneficiary communities.
We believe that transparency is key to building trust not only with our donors, but with the grassroots communities that we work with. This is why we are dedicated to providing full information needed by all stakeholders for effective collaboration, decision making, and cooperation. Donors can communicate directly with the team on the ground, as well as the beneficiaries, to better understand how their donations are being managed.
We are committed to holding ourselves to the highest level of responsibility and accountability by providing detailed breakdown of each project from its ideation to implementation, and disclosing the results in a simple and transparent manner. All donations received as well as receipt of purchases and other expenditures incurred in implementing each project will be disclosed to donors and other parties involved.
We acknowledge that development aid if not rightly implemented may have a downside of reinforcing the dependency cycle. This is why we strive to co-build with our recipient communities, robust projects to achieve sustainable development outcomes that empower them to become self-sufficient.