Our Team

Our team is composed of a diverse group of passionate and action-driven alumni and students from esteemed institutions around the world, including McGill University, Ashesi University, Arizona State University, the Catholic University of Buea, African Leadership University, the University of Buea, the University of Bamenda, and Carnegie Mellon University. Alongside these dedicated individuals, we also have grassroots volunteers from various backgrounds who play a pivotal role in facilitating our projects.

Sonia Buma

Co-Founder & President

Sonia Buma is a MasterCard Foundation Scholar Alum with a bachelor’s degree in International Development and Management from McGill University. She previously served as a Scholars’ representative at the MasterCard Foundation Executive Board at McGill and as President of the Desautels African Business Initiative. Sonia’s passion for sustainable grassroots development led her to carry out multiple development projects with SymBioSyn at the Bafut Ecovillage in her home country, Cameroon. Her love for her country and desire to give back inspired her to co-found Hope for Cameroon.

Felix Awah

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Felix Awah earned his Master’s in Applied Science in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University. He is currently a Pharmaceutical Qualification, Validation, and Verification Engineer at Confab, a leading pharmaceutical company based in Montreal, Canada. Having lived and traveled across five continents, Felix deeply understands the pivotal role of education and the essence of social responsibility. He sees education as a potent tool to combat poverty and bridge social disparities. Moreover, Felix believes that collective successes enrich communities, emphasizing that shared triumphs elevate the well-being of everyone involved. He maintains that true progress can only be achieved by a system that educates its citizens, empowering them to become self-reliant. As a native Cameroonian, deeply impacted by the crisis that affected his family, Felix’s experiences drove him to co-found Hope for Cameroon and serve the organization as a Strategic Advisor


Felix Awah

Oliver Ngong

Co-founder & Grants Lead

Oliver Ngong graduated from Ashesi University with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Arizona State University through the International Accelerated Degree Program (IADP). He is a Technical Program Manager and Computing enthusiast who is excited to apply his skills to developing secure business-class applications and systems. He also aspires to create advanced tools for detecting and preventing cyberattacks. Ngong is passionate about work that demands enormous creativity and opens new possibilities. On a social level, he is a good team player who is obsessed with completing tasks on time and has excellent communication skills. To give back to his community, he has collaborated with organizations such as Youth Inspiration and Mentorship Impact Experience to assist underprivileged children in Ghana and Cameroon with scholarship applications. He also facilitates classes introducing Cameroonian high school students to the Foundation of Design Thinking.

Ngoh Rodney Amah

Lead IT Professional

Ngoh Rodney Amah is a Computer Science graduate from Ashesi University. Having benefited tremendously from the Mastercard scholarship at Ashesi and the support from others to pursue his undergraduate studies, he has developed a strong desire to give back, especially to the most vulnerable individuals. He believes that the work of HfC is aligned with his long-term goal of supporting youths in Cameroon to gain access to opportunities and resources for their growth. Hence his motivation for joining HfC as an IT specialist.

Nkwango Donald Tapeng

Partnerships Lead Africa

Nkwango Donald is currently the Divisional chief of Statistic and Survey at the Devisional Delegation of Agriculture and Rural development Ngoketunjia. He holds a Diploma as a Senior Agricultural Technician and a Higher National Diploma as an Agropastoral Entrepreneur. He is a relationship officer who has experience in partnership, Education, human resource, and non- profit work. I believe partnership with the right institution will bring change to the world for better. Reason I join Hope for Cameroon as Relationship Officer or managing partner.

Precious Njeck

Assistant Partnerships Lead

Precious Njeck is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Information technology from Arizona State University. She draws her motivation from a personal journey that includes a three-year pause from school due to the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon. This experience has ignited a profound empathy within her, driving her purpose to assist those affected by the crisis in her homeland. Her belief in the power of collective action led her to join Hope for Cameroon, where she aims to continue their impactful initiatives and collaborate with like-minded partners who share her vision for positive change.

Junior Abiringwo

Finance Lead

Abiringwo Junior is a final year Business Administration student at Ashesi university in Ghana. He is skilled in financial modelling and valuation analysis, with a strong understanding of financial data. He is a strategic thinker, and as a financial lead at HFC, he is responsible for developing budgets and financial plans that help the organization achieve its goals. He also provides advice on efficient use of financial resources to maximize impact. With his expertise, he is helping HFC to make the most of its resources and create a lasting impact on its beneficiaries.

Nadine Agbor

Assistant Finance Lead

Nadine Agbor is an Executive Assistant at the Department of National Defense, working closely with the Director General of Defence Research and Development. She is a professional scrum master and a certified AWS Solutions Associate Architect. With a background in sociology and anthropology, Nadine has dedicated the past 6 to 9 years to self-study and improving her IT skills, including Cisco networking, scrum, cloud computing, and web development.She is also a cyber security enthusiast,currently working towards becoming a cyber security analyst/consultant. Inspired by the impactful work of Hope for Cameroon, Nadine is motivated to be part of the driving force that brings positive change to the lives of vulnerable individuals, particularly the IDPs in her home country. She hopes to one day transfer her knowledge and expertise to some of the IDPs in Cameroon (precisely to the girls).

Cho Joel

Events Coordinator

Cho Joel is a dedicated tech enthusiast with a strong passion for leveraging science and technology to make a positive impact on his community. He is currently pursuing a degree in software engineering at the University of Buea. In addition to his academic pursuits, Joel is an experienced specialist in Arduino programming and robotics. Joel’s enthusiasm for science and technology has driven him to establish a non-profit organization called Teevotech, which is based in Buea, Cameroon. Through Teevotech, Joel is actively working to make a difference by using technology to address challenges and improve the lives of people in his community. This organization exemplifies his commitment to giving back and creating positive change. Joel is now taking his passion for technology and his commitment to community betterment to the next level by joining Hope For Cameroon.

Lindsay Kamgang

Reporting and Grants Coordinator

Lindsay Kamgang is a dedicated Grants Researcher at Hope For Cameroon. She excels at securing funding for transformative initiatives and takes on leadership roles in project implementation. With a background in chemical engineering, she brings a unique technical perspective. Lindsay is passionate about youth empowerment, education, and sustainable development, and as a result, she works tirelessly to address inequity and bridge gaps in these areas.

Etian Eleih

Social Media Manager

Etian Eleih is a Cameroonian and MasterCard Foundation scholar at the @alueducation Mauritius (ALC). As an engineering student, he is passionate about technology and storytelling.
Back in 2019, Etian worked on establishing an NGO called EduMail to donate didactic materials to students affected by the Anglophone crisis. This experience fueled his passion for helping IDPs in his community, and he ultimately decided to join Hope For Cameroon.