HfC Humanitarian Relief Project

Cameroon, located in Central Africa, is currently suffering a crisis sparked by socio-political events in the two Anglophone regions of this majority-Francophone country. According to Orekere, the current Anglophone crisis is an extension of the historical resistance to the alleged assimilation of the indigenous English-speaking population. Tensions between the Francophone-led central government and the Anglophone minority population have escalated into violence and armed conflict, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes as refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) reports that 206 villages have been attacked since the start of the crisis, 134 of which have been completely or significantly damaged (CHRDA, 2019).

Displaced populations are at risk due to their vulnerable situations. IDPs – especially women and children – face malnutrition and food insecurity, along with sanitation and hygiene risks (no public health access and lack of proper medical care or medication). In addition, because of precarious living situations, they are also at risk of abductions and arbitrary arrest; gender-based and sexual violence; and unequal access to economic opportunities.

HfC team at one of the giveaway sessions, distributing basic humanitarian relief supplies to IDPs. © 2020 HfC images.
HfC team distributing humanitarian relief materials to the IDP community of Bonaberi Douala

Hope for Cameroon seeks to bring hope to people who are affected by the conflict or who are living with nothing and have no means to survive. Since 2019, our team has provided humanitarian and health supplies to over 350 displaced women and children, initiated education campaigns that have successfully sponsored 32 children, and hosted skills training workshops for over 20 women. Some of these women and children still lack basic food supplies, clothing, shelter, and healthcare.


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