Standing with Valerie Against Gender & Sexual Violence

Valerie, 32, is a victim of domestic violence. This last year, the man she lived with made her life a living hell. For months, Valerie was beaten, raped, starved, humiliated in front of her children, stripped naked in the neighborhood and a victim of psychological violence.

She also became pregnant following a sexual assault. Throughout the entire pregnancy, the abuser prevented her from going to her prenatal appointments: in nine months, she did not receive any medical assistance.

After being under her abuser’s control for so long, she now finds herself completely deprived of resources. She can no longer afford to feed her three children, including a newborn baby.

Fortunately, Valerie found the courage to leave her abuser’s home and share her story with Hope for Cameroon. She has been temporarily relocated with her children into a family member’s poultry farm. Evidently, this environment is neither safe nor sanitary for them.

Valerie and her 6-month old baby speaking with a nurse at a local clinic in Yaoundé. © 2021 HfC images.
Valerie and her 6-month old baby speaking with a nurse at a local clinic in Yaoundé. © 2021 HfC images.

So far, Hope for Cameroon has helped Valerie by reporting her case to the police. Cameroonian authorities are therefore currently in the process of arresting the man, who has not been found yet. Moreover, our organization accompanied her to the hospital for a medical check-up and provided her with majority of the medicine she needed.


Short-term goals:

  • Ensuring the well-being of Valerie by providing her with the necessary care for the healing of her wounds as well as psychological help.
  • Providing food for her children, who are in nutritional deficiency.
  • Finding a safe home for her family.

Long-term goals:

  • Helping Valerie find a stable job that will allow her to gain financial independence.
  • Guarantee follow-ups with her psychological help.

Contact us to today to help Valérie either by cash donations, mental health support, or other ways that can contribute to improve her livelihood and that of her three children.


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