Chick Favour

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Chick Favor
Chick Favor’s fees is paid and she receives didactic materials from HfC. ©️ 2020 HfC images

Chick Favour is the daughter of Chick Loveline. She’s five years old, in primary one, and presently schooling at Fovan Nursery Primary School Bonaberi-Douala. Favour did not go school throughout the academic year of 2018-2019 because her mother who was in the process of fleeing from the crisis could not afford for her education. Favour is now a Hope for Cameroon scholar and has been enrolled in school since our HfC Back to School Campaign launched in 2020. She needs the continuous support of people like you to stay in school. We believe as our Founder, Sonia Buma often says, that “education is one of the surest means of breaking out of poverty”.