Meet Rosaline And Her Family

Rosaline poses in front of her one-bedroom house with the 12 displaced children she took under her care. © 2020 HfC images

Rosaline is a single mother of 1, who lost her husband to the crisis plaguing Cameroon. However, her courage has led to the rescue of 12 children. As she ran away from the North West region, she picked up struggling children who were left to fend for themselves. Meh Rosaline now lives in a one-bedroom apartment with 14 kids.

We have no solutions to support the psychological trauma the children are dealing with. Yet, we can support Rosaline so the children do not need to sleep on floors. We wish to raise extra funds to assist Rosaline and her new family. Help us to provide them with adequate clothing and funds to support their schooling. Our goal is to help these 14 children find some form of childhood again.