Maman Janette

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Madam Janette narrates her story to HfC while washing cassava to make water-fufu, a local staple to feed her displaced family. © 2020 HfC images

Janette had a flourishing restaurant for over 21 years, in Fundong, located in the North West region of Cameroon. Her career made her an active elder of the community and ever since her husband passed away, she was able to single-handedly afford her six kids’ education, with the 1st child attaining a Master’s degree.

Janette had to leave her successful life and give up her financial independence because of the crisis. She is now living with her brother in Douala, and 28 other family members who had to flee from the violence. Now she spends her days preparing water fufu (a local meal made from fermented cassava) to feed all the families. Her dream is for the crisis to subside in her hometown so that she could go back home. She dreams of being back home, working and supporting her children and community without the noises of the gunfire bursting into her ears. Essentially, she dreams of peace.

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